Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tags stained with Coffee

I Have been blog hopping from the Practical Magic list.This always fun for me seeing what everyone else is up to.I stopped in one blog and darn if I can't remember the name of it.But she was asking if any one knew a good way to make new tags look old and raggedy,because the tea staining she did didn't get them dark enough.One of the comments mentioned they had used instant coffee to stain em.Well I like tags so I thought well I'm not doing anything I will just mix up some of my old mans instant coffee and let some soak.Huh I must be impatient about some processes.but I could see right away that was a waist of time.So I dumped out the coffee and grabbed the tags that were now wet.Crumpled some to make a effect.Then I took a spoon of the instant coffee and a wet 1/2"paint brush.Painted it on and it worked much faster and if you let some of the coffee pieces just lay there they leave the spots like you see.I also burnt the edges of two of them,then did some stamping and added a little color.These weren't for a swap just an experiment.They DO smell like coffee,and I think I will spray them with clear gloss spray paint to keep them from running or smearing on to some thing they shouldn't.


  1. those look great Danise!! how did you get those corners on the tag with the bird? Is that a hand punch?

  2. Yes it is a hand punch.If you look back through my art work you will see it is the only one I own.Joeys spring time ATC and the laminate necklase are two examples.


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