Saturday, February 20, 2010

Garden Fairie Doll head

Here is what I have been working on for the last week.I'm making a garden fairie for a friend who lives in California.We have been swapping since two years now.Willow likes to make soap and she is darn good at it!So we are swapping soap for a doll.The head is made of a jewelry gourd and I have used sculpt epoxy to make the face and the ears and the neck.I will let you know some more of the process soon.Tomorrow I will be going to town and hope to find some thing to make the hair with.I think I will post the pictures on my picasa photos.I have pictures so far of the begining and will take some more till the end...kind of a tutorial.Ok,I added all the pictures so far on one photo.That should help for now.I did go to Wally world and bought some lions brand yarn for the hair but I now have to figgure out how the style will be.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New picture same bracelet

Here is a little better picture of the bracelet.It is 7 1/2 inches long.And I used tiger tail wire to hold it.Thanks for all the complements on my jewelry work.
I wish you all good luck.I have had a lot of fun hopping around looking at the wonderful work of others.Click on the one world one heart sticker up on the left hand side of my blog and you will be taken to the long list of others who joined the majik carpet ride from Lisa's.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Event

~~~I would like to thank every one for the loads of comments about my blog give away :^)
I have a total of*238* including the two from the other picture above of the braclet.
I decided the easiest way for me to choose the one person to recieve this give away is to pick a number from 1-238.And here is husband said from the top of his head...number 198 now I will look at the comments and count down till I see# 198 and then will let you know the winners name.

Alrighty then,
The winner is ::::
Tina Holden

and if you would like to visit her blog she is #31 in the event for the one world one heart.CONGRATULATIONS!
And Thank You to everyone who left me a comment and as soon as I have more time I will be visiting your blogs.Good luck to all of you who might win else where!
Also from time to time I love having blog give aways here ,so check back when you can...huggs to all.

This is what I have chosen for the {~One World One Heart~} blog event of 2010.
This picture isn't a very good one...but for tonight it will have to do.I am almost late and I sill have to e-mail Lisa for her permission to join.Never the less if I don't get to join in the huge blog event you can still go and check out the extremely long list of wonderful links.And the bracelet is still up for grabs as my second give away till February 14th 2010.If you would like to have a chance to receive this hand made one of a kind just please leave me a comment.Lisa's blog is called the Whimsical Bohemian.Thanks to the Graphics Fairy~Karen,as she is the blog I read about this on..I love her stuff!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Altered Match Box

O.K. I cheated a little and didn't put in every picture of every step.But here is the compleated matchbox and dolls,with some extra foil embelishments.Yes the doll on the bottom is not quite finished but she will be tonight and then it is off in the mail tomorrow.Judy D and Susan L. in the Sum of all ATC's group will be the ladys recieving them.

Altered Match Box/Japanese doll

I decided to make a Japanese tea room for my match box.And I'm making a tiny (TINY)doll to go along with it.So I used my sculp epoxy for the head and the hands and feet.With wire for the body.Then I used some cotton string and wraped the wire to make the body.Tacky glue is what I used to keep everything in place.The face was pressed into a small sun I kind of cheated on that but cripe the darn thing was sooo small (1/4")

Altered Match Box

This is the start of my little altered match box.I used to smoke clove cigaretts.And the foil paper inside the pack is what I have saved.Here is the reason can emboss it.It is very thin and to keep it from scratching after I have embossed it,I usually spray it with a few good coats of clear spray enamel paint.Valspar or krylon.

West Sandy Bay...Tennessee

We had a good 5 inches of snow the other day.Not normal for here.We might get a dusting of snow a couple of times a year.And that is usually melted by the end of the day.This view is just around the corner from our house.It takes me about two minutes to walk to the dock.I love fishing from there.I used to go swimming but I'm afraid to now.The lake is filled with cotton mouth snakes and big snappers.