Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tag romantic wax

This is a tag I made using wax to cover it.I really didn't know what I was doing,no one showed me.I had heard some one mention this technique and thought I would try it.The tag was covered first with a floral patterened type ribbon.Then a lady clip art picture.Then I added some dried flowers I had from last year.I have a small flower press but you could use books to dry them.

We had snow

We had a slight amount of snow on the 14th of march.The most snow we have had this year is about an inch.And it didn't stay past noon.But the Daffodills were up and this was the picture I got.Just a little snow covering these flowers...Pretty huh.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ATC Jester

This one of the four ATC's I made for a Joker/Jester swap.It is a collage and colored with glitter gel pen.And of coarse gold foil paper hand embossed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foil embelishment tutorial

This is what I use to make my own foil embellishments.I start with a piece of trash. really!
This is the seal from the top of a coffee can.Everybody pulls them off and throws them away.
They are great to make all kinds of stuff out of.You can just lay the foil down on a mouse pad and draw on it and then color it with markers.
Write some words on it,DOODLE.
And then you can take it one step further and do this easy technique and make bunches of free fun and in your own style pieces of art.

Note: these pieces of foil you can find also in...peanut cans,
sour cream(dasiy brand),And in the inside of dried coffee creamer( brand Coffee Mate large)

Foil embelishment tutorial

After putting your embellishment (or what ever object you are using to make your imprint of)under the foil.Use the back of your finger nail to just rub the shape into the foil.Then holding the foil firmly so it won't move you can begin to rub with a wooden stick or your stylus.This will keep the foil from picking up a double image.If you make a mistake..turn the foil over and rub it out flat again.

Foil embelishment tutorial

As you can see in this photo the image is getting more detail.

Foil embelishment tutorial

As you rub over the embellishment the shape(or image)will appear more detailed.
It start in the middle and work out to the edges so the foil will stretch and not tear.Some of the deeper pieces will do this.If you do get a tear the E-6000 glue won't run through and when you color it no one will see.

Foil tutorial

This is what your foil should look like when you are done rubbing the image of the embellishment.After adding the glue and letting it dry,you can cut out the shape with scissors or an exacto knife

Foil tutorial

In the back (or the underneath) side,fill it with clear E-6000 glue.and smooth it to the edges with a tooth pick.
You can also use sillicon calking,but this is not as smooth and is messy.
If you use elmers glue or wood glue after it is dry (this takes a long time) you can pop it out and reuse the foil.Then with the dried glue you can color it also.The dried glue does become brittle and will break.

Foil embelishment tutorial

The wonderful part about all this is ..It is free.
And it is a great way to recycle.
You can use the same embelishment over and over to make your own light weight original piece of art,finished with the colors you choose.
They can be used for jewelry as well.