Thursday, September 30, 2010

ATC purse template

I made this little template to share with you.
It is a purse made of paper,or you could make it out of material .
It will fit a few ATC's(It is just a little size larger).And it took only a few minutes to make.Just click on the template photo,then right click and save to your computer.Then print it out and cut.Then fold where the dotted lines are.I didn't add any embellishments or anything fancy.I just wanted to show you how it would look when it was finished.Great gift bag to fill up with Candy or any thing you might want.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! and no that is NOT overdoinging it! I am so excited! I wanted to win that notebook SO much I need a new journal too! Thanks for letting me know, you can reach me at or leave me your email, so I can email you my address. Yay, and thank You thank you thank you!

  2. PS I love your little purse bag, it is the cutest little thing especially for gifts and goodies. I figured I could use cloth and then have a great reusable gift bag for family. My family saves anything that doesnt get ruined at present time, so cloth would look great and rotate round the family bringing joy. Thanks for such a great idea!


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