Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden Spider,spider mojo

This little  fellow was hanging out beside my door the other day.He is a little bigger than three inches,including his legs.He disappeared the next night.Maybe it was the tree frog that likes to hand on my window at night eating bugs that got him? Or maybe the small snake (I saw the sheded skin buy the chimney) got him?Well anywhere he went is fine with me as long as he didn't come into my house.The only good thing about a spider being in your house is that it is supposed to mean it will rain.
No I don't know everything,and so a dear friend of mine(Willow) sent me a e-mail to wake me up to what a spider can be.Wow I don't know how I will do it but I have been trying to allow spiders to have a place in my home.Naw I don't have hundreds...but a few have been miss treated once they come in.Like the brown recluse,or the black widow.Or any other BIG spider.I lived out in Jacumba California years ago.And met a old lady named Rose.Rose La More as a matter a fact.Who is she?She was the sister of Louie La More the famous writer of western books.Yep the very same one mentioned in the book Practical magic.Rose is the one who introduced me to the I-ching.A way of throwing three coins and reading a fortune.Rose had a small home.But it was run over with cats,she was a hoarder.She also let thousands of spiders..the long legged kind live in her home.I had mentioned to clean them out for her but she said no.They were special creatures to her,harm none she said.Now I know what she ment.If you would like to know more about the mojo of spiders click on the link in the title of this post.It is facinating to know..and they have tons more mojo information ,a long list of meanings.

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  1. AWESOME photo! but even tho I believe killing a spider is very bad luck,
    I am not sure if instinctive reaction to stomp something that big
    could have been curbed.. she's HUGE!!


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