Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party still going on...

Just so you know...the party is still going on at many of the Practical magick blogs.
You can still enter my give away (scroll down to leave a comment)for "two" more days.
I might change that to a little longer because I know I have (not) myself gone to all the blogs.And it is hard for some to spend so much time on the computer.I am happy to meet so many new like minded bloggers.
Now on to tell you of the MANDRAKE:
First of all I want you to know it is ~(POISON)~
I have no idea as to where you can find the mandrake.And it has been said in folk lore that to dig it up ,you must not be able to hear it scream, or you would go insane.
There is a long list of uses for this plant,it's powers are for:Protection,fertility,money,love,health.It can be made into a poppet.Mandrake keeps demons away.
So instead of going on about the mandrake.I will tell you of another substitute you might want to use.It is the May Apple,and it is posion also.
Folk names:American Mandrake,Ducks foot,Hog Apple
Gender:Masculine,Planet: mercury,Elemnet:Fire,:powers: money
Generally used  to replace the mandrake,it's uses are identical but it is not related.


  1. Love this post, I am very much to the herbal side of things in my kitchen and I always appreciate others who have herbal lore to share.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that there are almost 250 bloggers doing the PM thing...2 days may not be enough for everyone to get there. I am only on the D's but hit a few others out of order, like yours :)

  3. Just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed participating in the Practical Magic blog party. I've made new friends and learned new things and shared some things of my own. You certainly had a grand idea!


  4. I am with you there, so many blogs to visit, so few hours in a day! I know with a sick child I am only on here for a short periods at a time. I am glad to know there are still more of us going through all the participants!

  5. if you want to see a great movie with a mandrake in it watch
    Pan's Labrynth , Guillermo Navarro, the director of photograpy
    awesome piece of work!


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