Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is a poem I wrote back in 1996

As the docile deer of swiftness
runs from it's enemy's,
It hides in the leaves of bushes
and around the shade of trees.

Her ears are alert to the sounds all around.
Then as her breathing slows----
her heart still pounds.

Quick to jump away,
down the path from another day.
Going fast to the waters edge.

Feeling it's cool rush forming around her legs,
she can stop for a drink---
but is she safe?

Are the enemy's now upon her? Is there time for the leap to safety?

Pouncing in the air....

A crack of the gun...

And her days are done,
as the docile deer of swiftness runs from her enemy's.

Copy right:Danise Bower 2012,dec.9

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wow last July was hard to get through.August is going by fast and I still have lots to do.
Sorry not alot of time to do art or enjoy the days flying by.I have been struggling to make ends meet and with out my freinds and family I would not make it.My sister Colleen has been sick and my nephew Kenneth shot him self in the head ( he was like my son ).I am still trying to help my sister with her sickness and the greif of loosing her last child.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here are some pendants I made for the pendant swap in my charm group.Dana J.was the hostess.
The two sun pendants are mounted on the front of coconut shells.The two octopuses are set on
 abalone sea shells.The fish and the parrot are on chip board painted and sealed.The two round ones are mounted on wood and the front is the same as the back.The last two, the face and the turquoise one are finished the same front band back.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wild Thing Charm Swap

About two weeks ago I joined a new swap group that swaps hand made charms.The name of the group is Art Charms,a Yahoo group.I wasn't sure of what to make until I was going through my totes I have packed up and found this necklace...
I always thought it was ugly but then I usually buy jewelry to make other jewelry out of it.I liked the beads and they were made of bone.The swap called for 15 charms to be swapped out and you get 15 different ( hand made by others )in return.The three porcelain monkey charms I made extra for the Hostess Elizabeth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well I went out and took some pictures I thought would look great for a grunge back round.
I tried to change the color and the direction of the photo but for some reason they are not saving as I had them,the right side of this picture should be on the bottom.Any how here are a few more and I hope you can save them to use for what ever you might need,freely.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How long has it been?

I haven't added a post in sooo long It is hard for me to get started.So much has happened since I left my husband over a year ago.I was happy to see I could still stand on my own two feet.Fear has been my worst enemy.Fear of starting a new job,having my own place,paying my own bills.And yet the freedom of just having my own choices keeps me happy.I have been working on some art projects but not like I used to.I have just been dabbling here and there making little things.It's enjoyable to see my family again after being cut off from them for over ten years.That is one of the reasons I left my husband ,ten years of him controlling me.Wow the big city has changed,I go crazy when I go to a craft store.So much new stuff!The little town I live in is south of Columbus about an hour.I love some of the old style houses here in town and will get out to take pictures.Right now I should be out in the woods looking for mushrooms.Morels are one of my favorite.Looking for them is like Easter egg hunting,such a thrill.