Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is a poem I wrote back in 1996

As the docile deer of swiftness
runs from it's enemy's,
It hides in the leaves of bushes
and around the shade of trees.

Her ears are alert to the sounds all around.
Then as her breathing slows----
her heart still pounds.

Quick to jump away,
down the path from another day.
Going fast to the waters edge.

Feeling it's cool rush forming around her legs,
she can stop for a drink---
but is she safe?

Are the enemy's now upon her? Is there time for the leap to safety?

Pouncing in the air....

A crack of the gun...

And her days are done,
as the docile deer of swiftness runs from her enemy's.

Copy right:Danise Bower 2012,dec.9