Monday, December 6, 2010

Garden Fairy hair and wings

This is just another update on the doll I have been making.She is done now and I still have to get pictures of her finished.But I have been very busy.I made her hair out of a piece of cording that I bought in the fabric department.I had tryed several different ways to make her hair but I didn't like any of them.What I did was to put some tape arond the cord and then cut it in two inch lengths,leaving a little (1/4") next to the tape side.Then on that side I added E-6000 glue and let it dry.Then I removed the tape and unraveled the cording.Then I glued the hair on to the doll head with some more E-6000 till the head was completely covered.Now the wings were made of coarse from the coffee can foil.The pices I used to rub over were a pair of earrings I had found at Wall Mart.I taped them together and the layed the foil over them and rubbed till the patern showed up.Then I turned em over and befor I add the E-6000 glue to the back I colored the inside with the two markers,then filled with the glue to keep the shape and the color showed through.Then when the glue was dry I cut out the wing shape and colored the other side shown in the picture here.

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  1. She is coming along beautifully! Great idea for the hair...I love it!


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