Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Garden Fairie finished

The Garden Fairie Doll finished.
She is now on her way to my friend Willow out in California.
The bottom picture is of the back side so you could see the hair.Her hair is very full and so I added a head band to hold it down a bit.Other wise she looked more like a troll,hahaha.She isn't the prettiest thing but she turned out how she turned out.I learned alot from making this doll and I really have to commend those of you who do make ( hand made ) dolls to sell.


  1. OMG OMG OMG!! She came today!! Danise - she is TOTALLY AWESOME!!

    THANK YOU!!! now that you've learned so much you should make more and sell them. She is soooo wonderful.
    BTW - my neighbor wants to know where's the fairy's underwear??
    tee hee hee

  2. Ha Ha Ha...Fairies don't wear underwear!
    I'm glad you like her and she will get alot of loving.I do plan to make some Mistic~ Majik dolls some day.The ones I mentioned long ago that are made on a wand.But selling them? I don't know we will see if this year will be better than last.

  3. She is adorable! I love the hair, the flowers and her tiny boots.

  4. Oh, she's just wonderful! The hair is fabulous.


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