Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The start of my second chunky ATC

Hum Red again? Well I don't know what is happening to me but usually I don't pick red as my primary color.I don't wear red because it is soooo bright.But I do like the color as with all colors,what artist doesn't?But red fit the theme of this chunky ATC.I have started this second chunky at least four times.Each time I didn't like the end result.It just wasn't chunky enough.I guess the chunkys can be flat all around but from the ones I have seen,they have bulky stuff added to them.So I finally decided to make this Dragon and wraped him alll the way around the block of wood(2x4)The first picture is a start,I added a silver bead for his eye.Now I have to add the feet and some other final touches,paint ect...I hope I make the deadline of Nov.1st..
I use Sculp Epoxy,it is a two part resin.One is the resin and the other is the hardner.And beleave me it is VERY hard when it dries.You can sand it if need to but I usually smooth it out with water.This stuff is really sticky not like sculpy clay.And you don't have to bake it.It usually hardens in a few minutes of a few hours.So I try to mix up only what I can use,about the size of a bolder marble.You can only buy it from online and a pint cost $25.00 and you need two,one of each.But it lasts a long time.

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