Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ho Bo pumpkin magnet

I made this little magnet to be in the Plaid challenge.You are suposed to make a pumpkin using their products.And it has to be three dimentional.I made him out of sculp-epoxy last night and let him harden.Then I painted him with Plaid folk art orange and yellow paint.The picture below is the pumpkin not painted


  1. Awesome! colorful and even a little creeepy.

  2. Danise, it is adorable! where did you get that mold? Did you use Polymer clay?

  3. This is fabulous! your painting is perfect, and the leaves are just the right backing.

  4. the leaves were just left overs from when I made a wreath with my husbands grand son.I used a foam stamp and mixed up colors to make a fall look,and stamped with him on to news papers.

  5. Susan,
    No I didn't have a mold to make the hobo from I just made him by hand out of Sculp Epoxy,then added a small charm spider Valerie sent with the Halloween pack.I made him for the Plaid halloween challenge but I don't think I entered him right so I guess better luck next time.


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