Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Path of my mind...

If I were to visualise my mind this is what it would look like.My god mother was a healer.Her religion was holy roller,as they called them back then.Marzell was wonderful.She asked me to visualize what my mind would look like.This was it.Then she asked me to walk down the path and describe what the trees looked like,and I did...this was it.Then she said you are comming to a clearing and what do you see?I said I'm way up on top of a mountain.And I can see the clouds below me and the land ,with its rivers and hills.I was about 8 yrs. old.
Marzell had already asked this to other members of my family and they were in the room.Each of us were to stay out of the room untill we had been asked the questions.They had already been asked.But when they heard my answer they protested.They said no Danise you are answering wrong.Marzell said why?They said because of the answer about the clearing.And so Marzell answered and ,you see Danise sees what she sees.Most of then had answered about the clearing as if they were low or in a valley.Marzell explained to them that I had seen from above because I was closser to God and the spirit world.The path represents your mind,the trees represents your people around you( the larger trees the more security you have)And the clearing represent the closeness to God and the spirit world.And she said look Danise is already up there with God in her path.
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