Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How long has it been?

I haven't added a post in sooo long It is hard for me to get started.So much has happened since I left my husband over a year ago.I was happy to see I could still stand on my own two feet.Fear has been my worst enemy.Fear of starting a new job,having my own place,paying my own bills.And yet the freedom of just having my own choices keeps me happy.I have been working on some art projects but not like I used to.I have just been dabbling here and there making little things.It's enjoyable to see my family again after being cut off from them for over ten years.That is one of the reasons I left my husband ,ten years of him controlling me.Wow the big city has changed,I go crazy when I go to a craft store.So much new stuff!The little town I live in is south of Columbus about an hour.I love some of the old style houses here in town and will get out to take pictures.Right now I should be out in the woods looking for mushrooms.Morels are one of my favorite.Looking for them is like Easter egg hunting,such a thrill.

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