Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Niece Kaitie and her baby died...

May 1st.,2010
I lost my niece Katie,
She was 24 years old and had just lost a unborn child three days before.Kaitie was soo heart broken.I had told her it was not her fault and that God takes the lives of some early so they don't have to suffer here on earth.She understood that and beleave me she knew what suffering was.Katie was like my own daughter,we talked every day even though she was in Ohio and I live down here in Tenn.I won't be able to go to Ohio we don't have the money.
Oh thank you Juliet and Susan...yes I am hurting sooo much.The good news is that my Sister Colleen (Kaities mom)said she will pay for me to be able to come up.But they haven't finished the autopsy yet and I don't know if I can be their or what the heck is going on.I rented a car to go tomorrow morning and till this thursday at 5:30.My son Kainen will be going with me and he has to be back for his job on Friday.If you only knew Katie and how sweet she was...Please PRAY I can be there for her.She deserves my respect.


  1. I am so sorry. May God keep all of you strong and give you peace.


  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! At least Katie will get to be with her baby. I'm sure they both know your heart is with them, even though you can't make the trip.

  3. How heartbreaking...Prayers and Peace for your whole family dear!!!


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