Sunday, August 23, 2009

Under the sea ATC Art doll

This is the ATC art doll I have made for a trade with Tess and Deb.
I have only made a couple of these art dolls,and I'm not sure if I made it right.
Why because I know the art dolls are suposed to have a brad some where to allow movement.But this one has no movement.But I also know that the art doll can be folded up and so I made this one as a three fold back round.I hope they like it.


  1. This looks really cool - How does it look folded up?

  2. Absolutely fantastic, love,love,love it.

  3. Hey Juliet...
    the backround is made of clear plastic.I spray painted that with krylon clear paint in blue purple and green.The back round is in three parts and it folds up like a z.Glad you both liked it.


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