Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foil tutorial

In the back (or the underneath) side,fill it with clear E-6000 glue.and smooth it to the edges with a tooth pick.
You can also use sillicon calking,but this is not as smooth and is messy.
If you use elmers glue or wood glue after it is dry (this takes a long time) you can pop it out and reuse the foil.Then with the dried glue you can color it also.The dried glue does become brittle and will break.


  1. Hi Danise, the ones you sent me, had no glue in them, did you just trim them after rubbing the design in? and where do you get those wooden pick sticks?

  2. Sorry Susan,I really don't know how they didn't have glue? Well at least they made it with out smashing?That is the purpose of the glue.Usually I do add the glue befor cutting.The wooded picks are just bamboo skewers of various sizes.Hummm I'm going to have to make a video and add it to my blog and put it some where when it won't get burried.


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